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Boston Marathon Relief

Brewer Fountain on Boston Common, working after its full restoration in 2009
Brewer Fountain on Boston Common, working again after its full restoration in 2009

For those looking for some way to help, I’m compiling a list of online fundraising efforts related to the Boston Marathon attack, both official and individual. As I find more, I will update this page to include them. If you know of any, please feel free to add them to the comments.

WordPress’ TOS prohibits “too many links” as it defines that as spam. Hopefully, if they review this page they will recognize that my purpose here is to help the survivors of the Boston Marathon attacks, not to spam anyone. I receive no remuneration from any of the links I’ve posted here. As my entire blog is dedicated to fund raising for good causes, it seems entirely natural to me that I should collect and share these links. I do not advocate any one funding effort over another. I act as curator, nothing more.

Official fundraising sites

Individual campaigns

David Henneberry (who’s boat was destroyed) was interviewed on local Boston television on 4/24, where he clearly stated that any money he receives towards a new boat, will be donated to charity. For that reason, rather than post links to various crowdfunding sites, I will just direct people to contribute to OneFundBoston in his name.

Other campaigns

  • WiggleYourToes Foundation will match the first $10,000 in donations through it’s site
  • TUGG (Technology Underwriting Greater Good) campaign on Fundraise
  • New England Patriots will match any donations made through their site
  • Students at the University of Kansas supporting Boston on Crowdrise
  • The Ave Venice custom clothing maker is selling T-shirts to raise money
  • Adidas is donating 100% of sales from their Boston Tribute Tee
  • OneHeartBoston has a great Tee for sale to benefit OneFundBoston

Crowdfunding Platforms

  • StartSomeGood have partnered with the Challenged Athletes Foundation specifically to help Boston runners injured in the attack get back to doing what they love. Go check out their campaign.
  • Razoo set aside a page for Boston Marathon fundraisers who were running the race. These are annual fundraisers done in official capacity with Marathon organizers, and many have been fundraising since last summer. Most still have a month or more on their funding drive, so you can continue to contribute on behalf of individual runners. Note: if you don’t see a person or a team you were looking for, try using Razoo’s search with the terms “2013 Boston Maraton” – at last look there were well over 300 individual fundraisers and campaigns.
  • Crowdrise also sponsored fund raising efforts for the Marathon each year. They’ve also set aside a page so people can easily find and continue contributing.
  • Teespring, who endeavors to be the Kickstarter of the custom t-shirt world, has multiple campaigns started by individuals. Most of these promise that 100% of the profits (after Teespring’s manufacturing costs, etc) will be donated to the group indicated (OneFundBoston or First Responders, in most cases). But in return you get a cool T to mark your support for Boston. Since Teespring doesn’t make it easy to search, I’m posting the 9 campaigns I found here for you. Some end sooner than others, so check the dates before ordering.

Keep your eyes on this page at Boston.com for more campaigns and local fundraising events. Also, there are memorial runs happening across the state and around the region; Google them if you are interested, or post them here if you know any. Most important, this page gives links to articles published so far on various survivors.

If I’m missing anything, you can probably find it on this comprehensive reddit.


5 comments on “Boston Marathon Relief

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  2. magdalenakarolina
    April 22, 2013
  3. magdalenakarolina
    April 22, 2013

    Jacqui Webb, Paul Norden, and JP Norden:

  4. magdalenakarolina
    April 22, 2013

    Adrianne Haslet-Davis:

  5. Arlene Emonds
    April 22, 2013

    Oneheartboston.org is selling beautifully designed t-shirts. All proceeds go to onefundboston.org.

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